Man who attacked U.S. embassy in Turkey blames dollar

A man who opened fire six times at the U.S. embassy in Ankara told prosecutors that he was drunk and angry about recent diplomatic tensions with the United States, left-nationalist news platform OdaTV said.

“We were frustrated by the rise in the dollar and statements by the U.S. president recently, that is why I did it,” Ahmet Çelikten told police.

Çelikten already had six crimes on his record including car theft, drugs crimes and deliberately wounding another person. Co-suspect Osman Gündaş, who drove the vehicle, is still being questioned.

“We got angry due to the effects of alcohol and decided to do this type of action. I decided to shoot at the embassy building while we were going past it and we were still drinking,” Çelikten said.

“No-one manipulated me, gave orders, or incited me to do it. I decided to do such a thing myself out of anger at what had happened recently.”
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