United States, Greece draw closer as Turkey falls into disfavour - analysis

The United States is drawing closer to Greece, allowing the southeastern European country to make its presence felt more in international politics as Turkey drifts away from Washington and NATO, U.S. weekly newspaper The National Herald said.

"Hitting bigger than its political weight, Greece – attaching itself at the hip to the United States and mulling an expanded American military presence in the country – has found itself taking an increasingly, if unlikely, bigger role in international politics in the region," The National Herald said on Wednesday.

Turkey has been at loggerheads with the United States for months over its planned purchase of Russian S-400 missiles, which Washington says are incompatible with NATO’s defences and could compromise its F-35 fighter jets – an aircraft Turkey is also planning to buy. Relations between the two NATO allies have also soured over a number of issues, including Washington's support for Syrian Kurdish forces, sanctions against Iran and U.S. citizens imprisoned in Turkey.

Thanks to deteriorating relations with Ankara, "Washington’s interest is sliding more toward Athens", the newspaper said, with increased military cooperation and the United States coming down on the side of Cyprus and Greece in their dispute with Turkey over energy rights in the eastern Mediterranean.