Activist calls for U.S. sanctions, arms embargo on Turkey

The director of outreach at Washington D.C.-based non-profit Kurdistan Aid said that the U.S. should respond to Turkey’s Afrin offensive with an arms embargo to the country and targeted sanctions to Turkish officials.

In an article for the U.S. defence magazine, Defense One, Meghan Bodette, a Kurdish rights activist, criticised the U.S. policy of restraint against Turkey’s military offensive in Syria and said that it was counterproductive. 

Bodette, in her article, said that Ankara’s interests are illegitimate and are at odds with every other major player in Syria’s war:

“If the invasion succeeds and Turkey’s proposed ‘buffer zone’ is implemented, it will enable al-Qaeda and ISIS, prolong the war, and lead to the displacement of thousands — all destabilising outcomes in which the U.S. and Europe will lose.”

Bodette claimed that Turkey employs “al-Qaeda-aligned proxies” and aims to change Afrin’s demographics and remove its Kurdish majority by force.

The U.S. administration should instead provide more advanced weapons to the Syrian Kurdish militia to defend themselves from Turkish attacks and focus once again on defeating the Islamic State together with the global coalition, Bodette suggested.