With America appearing hostile, Turks look to Russia

Anti-Americanism in Turkey is at an all-time high, Bloomberg said, and signs suggest that Turks are beginning to look to Russia as a possible alternative.

An opinion poll cited by the news agency showed that 68 percent of Turks believed that “Turkey’s Western alliance with Europe and the United States is breaking” and that 71.5 percent believed that Turkey should “enter into a political, economic and security alliance with Russia”.

“We may be passing a point of no return,” it quoted Sinan Ülgen, a think-tank chairman and former diplomat, as saying.

Turkey breaking with the West was “no longer out of the realm of the possible,” Ülgen said.

The Turkish government is increasingly convinced that the United States is plotting against it, Bloomberg said. It is now widely believed in Turkey that the United Sates was behind the July 15, 2016 failed coup attempt.

Russia appears to be doing what it can to reinforce the idea:

“Alexander Dugin, a Russian ultra-nationalist close to the Kremlin, told Turkish television on Friday that Russia had passed ‘concrete evidence’ to Turkey showing that the CIA was behind the coup attempt,” Bloomberg wrote.