Delivery of S-400s prove U.S. inability to dictate its will on Turkey - Russian analyst

The arrival of Russian S-400 missile systems to Ankara on Friday indicates that the United States has failed to dictate its will to Turkey, one of NATO’s key members, according to Andrei Kortunov, director general of Kremlin-founded think tank the Russian International Affairs Council.

Turkey received its first delivery of the S-400 surface-to-air missiles systems despite Washington’s repeated warnings that it will face U.S. sanctions if it goes ahead with plans to acquire the Russian systems.

“It is a victory after Ankara came under so much pressure that many, even in Russia, didn’t believe Erdogan would go through with it as it will entail severe consequences for Turkey,” Kortunov told Bloomberg by phone.

“It shows the U.S. inability to dictate its will to one of NATO’s key members and opens new avenues for Russo-Turkish strategic cooperation,” he said. 

According to Turkish Directorate of Defence Industries the delivery of the parts of the system will continue in the coming days, and the S-400s will be used when the system becomes ready. 

More than 120 guided missiles for the S-400 system will be sent by ship, probably late in the summer, TASS news agency reported, citing an unnamed military-diplomatic source.