Editor of pro-government Turkish newspaper evaluates U.S. intentions regarding Turkey and Middle East

Islamist and pro-government Turkish daily Yeni Şafak reported an interview with its editor-in-chief Ibrahim Karagül. In it he evaluates U.S. intentions regarding Turkey and the Middle East. 

The points described below are drawn from Turkish language version of the Yeni Şafak website. Yeni Şafak also reports Karagül’s interview more briefly in the English language version of its website, though the content is different and does not include some of his stronger accusations.

Even Turkey's mainstream and secular media, such as Hürriyet, have begun covering U.S.-related issues differently for their Turkish readers and use accusatory language towards the United State.

According to Karagül:

  • The United States is attempting to destabilise and isolate Turkey in order to curtail Turkey’s international influence and power.
  • The December 2013 corruption scandal in Turkey (in which numerous senior figures in the Turkish government were implicated) represented an initial U.S. attempt to implement this plan. 
  • The attempted coup in July 2016’s coup was another U.S. attempt to destabilise Turkey. 
  • Further U.S. efforts, in particular attempts to sabotage the economy, can be expected in 2018. 
  • After 2018, U.S. efforts to undermine Turkey will be ineffective.
  • NATO is a threat to Turkey. To reduce the threat, Turkey should take control of NATO bases on its soil.
  • Turkey’s territorial integrity depends on Syria remaining unified. Should Syria be divided, Turkey will inevitably suffer the same fate.
  • The United States, in conjunction with Israel, is also implementing plans to break up Saudi Arabia and to divide Muslims by driving a wedge between Arab and non-Arab Muslims. 
  • Should such plans gain momentum, the Hajj pilgrimage may be cancelled.
  • More generally U.S. projects such as such as those described above, can be seen as part of a broader plan to end Muslim civilisation.