Erdoğan adviser says U.S. to use economic weapon in Middle East

The United States and its allies will start using the economy as a weapon in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world after the use of terrorist groups as proxies became less effective, said Cemil Ertem, a senior adviser to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Iran has become the target of such tactics, with U.S.-backed groups attacking the record of Bonyads, charitable trusts in Iran that play a major role in the country’s non-petroleum economy, Ertem wrote in a column in the Milliyet newspaper. The United States “knows Iran’s weak points very well,” he said.

Venezuela, with its petrol resources, could be the next target, he said.

It is time for countries to abandon Western-backed economic policy that ends up making countries dependent on debt and imports, and for them to use their own resources to stimulate technological change, employment and exports, Ertem said.
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