Former U.S. ambassador slams Trump’s ‘impulsive’ decision to allow Turkish attack

Dan Shapiro, a former U.S. ambassador to Israel has slammed U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to allow Turkey’s northeast Syrian incursion this week, calling it chaotic and impulsive.

Turkey launched Operation Peace Spring on Wednesday, days after Trump agreed to pull U.S. forces away from the border with Turkey in a conversation with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Shapiro said in a series of tweets on Thursday that Trump’s decision had done obvious damage to U.S. policy in the Middle East region: “The abandonment of a moderate Sunni partner, the Kurdish fighters of the SDF; the victory handed to a nemesis, Erdoğan; the upper hand granted to (Syrian President Bashar) Assad, Russia, and Iran in Syria; the enabling of the revival of ISIS.”

But even greater damage had been caused by the “chaos, the impulsiveness, the lack of any organised way of reaching a decision,” he said.

“This decision was taken with no meaningful consultation with affected allies and partners, or within the U.S. government,” said Shapiro. “This was Trump being led along on a phone call with Erdoğan and dashing out a statement that undercuts years of U.S. policy.”

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