Istanbul chief prosecutor begins investigation into Zarrab case prosecutors over stolen documents

The Istanbul’s chief prosecutor’s office is beginning an investigation into prosecutors in the Reza Zarrab case over documents and evidence that one of Zarrab’s lawyers described as stolen, faked or whose sources are unclear.

In a press release sent out Sunday, the office said that it had begun investigating the case’s former chief prosecutor Preet Bharara, current chief prosecutor Joon Kim, and other American judicial officials over “these actions, which are clearly in violation of international law and our domestic law”.

The Justice Ministry of the Turkish Republic had not presented the United States court with any of the documents, content or sound recordings, the statement emphasised, and questioned the origins of those to be used as evidence in the case.

Some supporters of the government took to Twitter to express their pride at what they saw as Turkey’s honour being defended:

While a government MP said the investigation might well expose “the U.S. conspiracy against Turkey” behind the Zarrab case:

Zarrab, an Iranian-Turkish gold dealer, faces charges of undermining international sanctions on Iran in co-operation with Turkish officials and senior staff at Turkey’s Halkbank.

Istanbul chief prosecutor's press release
Istanbul chief prosecutor's press release