Middle East needs “regional will” to defeat U.S. attacks – columnist

Countries in the Middle East need to unite and work closely together to defeat U.S.-led attempts to divide and control the region, said Ibrahim Karagül, a columnist for the Yeni Şafak newspaper.

Protests in Iran, warnings directed at Pakistan and attacks on Turkey are just the start of a conspiracy by Western powers against almost every country in the region, Karagül said.

“This will lead to new madness, aggressiveness we have never seen before,” he said. “Examples of intervention in Iraq or Syria are left behind. It needs to be understood that the approaching storm is of a new kind and will be quite different. Today, the “Iran front” has opened; the U.S. and Israel will try every means possible to expand, to deepen this front with their partners in the region.”

Turkey will stand in support of any country that is the victim of intervention, whether that be Iran, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, Karagül wrote.

“I am talking about a solid stance here, a resistance. This must be our area of manoeuvre.”