The number of arrested Americans in Turkey

According to the U.S. officials statements and US news there are at least 6 American citizens arrested in Turkey and 3 of the American prisoners are workers of the U.S. diplomatic crew reported BBC Turkish on Friday.

Pastor Andrew Brunson excluded rest of the arrested prisoners have Turkish citizenship as well. They have been arrested by the investigations declared due to under the States of Emergency.

The U.S. government still not giving the exact number of detained American citizens in Turkey. And also families of some prisoners are wary of explain the identities of detainers while investigations are on process.

In addition to that, according to BBC Turkish; since the failed coup, the number of Americans in Turkey, who have been detained, investigated, arrested or banned to leave the country expressed as ‘tens of’.

On the other hand The U.S. government leaves out other arrested Americans in Turkey in prison charged with ordinary crimes.

Pastor Andrew Brunson has spent more than 20 years in Turkey as he run a church in Izmir. American Pastor is now well known compare to the other American prisoners in Turkey. Brunson, was accused of being member of Gulen movement and then arrested in December 2016.

Another name, Serkan Golge, 38, who works for National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been detained in 2016 in Turkey as being member of Gulen movement.
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