Pentagon says Turkey should jettison Russian S-400 missile system

The United States said NATO member Turkey should abandon the S-400 air defence system purchased from Russia in 2019, saying it provided Moscow with influence, access and revenue.

Turkey is facing possible U.S. economic sanctions in addition to measures in December against its defence procurement agency after testing the Russian missiles last year. It is negotiating to buy a second battery from Moscow in a deal that may include technology transfers and local production.  

“Again, we urge Turkey not to move ahead with the delivery of the S-400,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporters in an off-camera briefing on Tuesday. “We believe it's incompatible with the F-35 (fighter jet), and Turkey remains suspended from that program.  Again, we urge them not to retain it.”

Turkey had multiple opportunities over the past decade to purchase the U.S. Patriot air defence system but instead chose the S-400, Kirby said.