Steve Bannon claims China, Turkey and Iran will form a "new axis"

Former White House chief strategist and ousted executive chairman at the alt-right Breitbart News Steve Bannon described a new axis forming to confront the "Christian West" – China, Iran and Turkey – in an interview to GQ magazine.

"What we're seeing today is China, Persia, and Turkey – three ancient civilisations – coming together to form a new axis. It's confronting the Christian West and also a big part of Islam that is tied to the West. You're starting to see this form every day like in the 1930s. You're starting to see it crystallise more and more," said the alt-right icon.

Invoking the pre-World War 2 era, Bannon says that the U.S. and its allies must confront and defeat this new triumvirate he calls the "new axis." Between Fukuyama's theory that claims liberal democracies and free market capitalism will spread over time and Samuel Huntington's "Clash of Civilisations" which envisions conflict and confrontation between civilisations, Bannon says the winner is clear, a showdown between cultures.

Bannon is not worried about Russia per se. He dismisses the Russian economy as the size of the state of New York (in fact its GDP is a bit higher than the state of Texas, the second highest in the U.S.) and says "eventually we have to end the Cold War, right?"

But he believes a warmer war is on the books, "We're going to have our hands full right now with China, Iran, and Turkey. Turkey's supposed to be an ally," he says.