Time for U.S. to put Turkey policy into reverse - analyst

The United States should reverse its policy of co-operation with the Kurdish militant People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria and invest in its relationship with Turkey in order to be able to counteract future Russian or Iranian influence in the region, Peter Tase, a research fellow at the Washington DC-based Council on Hemispheric Affairs, wrote.

“It is widely understood that in the near future Damascus will provide the YPD (sic.) with a blank cheque to inflict major damage on Turkish armed forces in the region,” Tase wrote.

“For the United States, sooner or later, it comes down to preventing Iranian and/or Russian hegemony in the region and the U.S. must address this scenario with a stable and strong alliance with Turkey,” Tase said.

This alliance will require significant policy changes from the United States if it is to be feasible, Tase wrote, but this will not take long.

"Washington’s fissures with Ankara and its rhetorical modus operandi can quickly be repaired provided that the U.S. act quickly to extradite Fethullah Gülen; actively participate in Operation Olive Branch launched by Turkey on Jan. 20; provide intelligence and logistical support for Ankara in the bordering territories nearby Bursaya Mountains, Bulbul, Shinkal and Jandeiris, as well as help Turkish authorities to secure the Afrin-Raju main road,” he said.