Trump Doctrine marks end of U.S. liberal hegemony – Erdoğan advisor

One of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s chief advisors wrote that U.S. Donald Trump’s new National Security Strategy implicitly accepts the impending end of U.S. liberal hegemony.

“We are seeing the end of the last century’s big brother (Uncle Sam) strategy that spread and protected “liberalism” as a hegemonic intermediary carried out by the U.S. through institutions established after the Second World War,” Cemil Ertem wrote in the pro-government newspaper Milliyet.

At that time other powers had supported the move, he said, because the disruption of the post-war balance would have meant them losing out both politically and economically.

But now Trump has abandoned this liberal internationalism, Ertem said.

“Essentially, this economic ‘nationalistic’ tendency also means the U.S. is giving up on its ‘liberal big brother’ role,” he said.

“Instead, the new but very dangerous tendency to form micro-ethnic statelets for its own interests, to integrate these with the old petrodollar statelets and to use regional terror organisations for this is now fully in action.”