Turkey “knows ramifications” of decision to buy Russian missile system – U.S. diplomat

The U.S. ambassador to NATO has told a panel discussion that she cannot say whether her country will impose sanctions on Turkey over the purchase of an S-400 missile defence system, but clarified that Turkey understood “all of the ramifications” of the decision.

It was “a valid question,” Kay Bailey Hutchison said. “I don’t know what the answer will be on it.”

Turkish defence minister Nurettin Canıklı confirmed on Nov. 11 that the S-400 system purchase had been finalised, although the Russian side say Turkey must make all of the payments before the weapons will be sent.

Concerns have been raised about the system’s inoperability with existing NATO equipment, as well as the possibility that it could send Moscow important data on the weaknesses of the F-35 stealth fighter jet, which Turkey has also ordered.

Hutchison also took the opportunity to applaud Turkey’s contribution to the NATO alliance.

“Turkey is a very valuable ally in NATO, they have done their part,” she said. “And they have answered the call every time NATO has made a call.”