Turkey launches inquiry on U.S. soldiers over illegal adoption claims

Prosecutors in Turkey’s south-eastern Adana province has launched an inquiry after Turkish local media alleged U.S. soldiers at the nearby Incirlik air base illegally adopted Turkish children.

The case surfaced when two sisters, Hatice Berberoğlu and Secil Berberoğlu, claimed on a reality television show on Turkey’s pro-government ATV channel that their families “sold” them to two U.S. soldiers at the base when they were children, nearly two decades ago, the Turkish public broadcaster TRT World reported.

TRT World said the sisters are now looking for their two brothers, who they allege were also adopted by different U.S. soldiers.

The report also quoted Adana locals who say U.S. soldiers approached them to buy their children. These soldiers targeted local families who were struggling financially, the report said.

Following news reports, the Adana prosecutor’s office released a statement quoted by TRT World, confirming that a police investigation has been launched on U.S. soldiers working at the Incirlik base over “adopting a number of babies in exchange for money and taking them outside of the country between the 1980s and 1990s.”