Turkey restricts border visas for Americans to those resident abroad

The Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed the U.S. Embassy in Ankara that from now on it will only allow American citizens who have valid residency permits from a third country to buy their visas at the Turkish border.

Other U.S. citizens, the embassy said on its website, would have to get a visa from a Turkish embassy either in the United States or in a third country.

However, Americans will still be able to switch flights in Turkey without transit visas.

A dispute over visas between Turkey and the United States began on Oct. 8, when the U.S. embassy in Ankara issued a statement saying it would no longer accept non-immigrant visa applications in Turkey due to threats to the safety of its personnel. The Turkish embassy in Washington quickly responded by restricting visa applications at Turkish missions in the United States.

The United States resumed processing visas at its missions in Turkey on Nov. 6.