Turkey settling scores with U.S., not Kurds - columnist

Turkey’s military operation in Syria is a pre-emptive strike to thwart a new attempt by the United States and Israel to push the country into collapse, a pro-government columnist said.

“The Afrin operation is the declaration that Turkey will no longer receive any threat on the “inside””, Ibrahim Karagül, editor in chief of the Yeni Şafak daily said on Tuesday. “This is a new situation; it is a new state mind, new perception of the region and an attempt to build a new global power.”

After defeating an attempted coup hatched by these powers, the country is settling scores with the United States and Israel, rather than the Kurds, who are being used for a multinational invasion of Turkey, Karagül said. They are working and talking directly with the terrorists to achieve this, he said.

“You will see, they are going to lose this war. Their plans to try and siege Turkey – which they could not intervene in internally – to bring it down on its knees are also going to go down the drain. While they make plans to siege, we are going to build a Turkey shield in the region they are going to siege. The siege map is going to turn into a line of defence,” Karagül said.

“A new power map has been formed; the geography is being reshaped; the top power domain throughout the world has been shaken; the U.S. or the West’s one-sided dominance has ended; the era of “star powers/countries” has started,” he said.