Turkey will face consequences if S-400 delivery completed  – U.S. official

Turkey won’t go unpunished should it receive S-400 air defence missiles from Russia, a U.S. State Department official told CNBC on Tuesday. 

“We underscore that Turkey will face very real and negative consequences if it completes its S-400 delivery,” the official said, according to CNBC.

The United States has threatened sanctions against Turkey over its purchase of the weapons, which it says contravenes its NATO commitments. But it isn’t clear when Washington will approve any measures or how harsh they might be.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated last month that U.S. President Donald Trump said Turkey had been treated unfairly in attempting to procure an air defence system from the United States and sanctions wouldn’t be implemented. The Turkish president has blamed the threats on officials outside of the White House, saying he enjoys good relations with Trump.

Turkey is due to take delivery of the S-400 system as early as this week, according to press reports.