Turkey's Afrin invasion reminds of Saddam's Kuwait's – conservative columnist

Conservative Turkish columnist Fehmi Koru has warned on independent news site T24 that Turkey risks inviting a U.S. invasion if it carries out a proposed offensive against the Kurdish-held Syrian enclave of Afrin.

“(What about) the event in which Kuwait was invaded by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in the year 1990?” he asked.

“The biggest factor in the dispute that led to Saddam deciding to invade Kuwait and send soldiers to the neighbouring country were the mixed messages that the United States gave on the issue of Kuwait.”

The United States had deceived Hussein, Koru said, and so Turkey should be very careful to look at all of the possible inferences in U.S. messaging, not just its superficial meaning, when deciding what to do in Afrin and the Kurdish-held district of Manbij, west of the River Euphrates.

“Tens of thousands of American soldiers’ boots were on the ground in the region,” he said. “With the excuse of liberating Kuwait from occupation …

“The U.S. did not overthrow Saddam with that first move, even though it could have done it comfortably; but around 10 years later (2003), this time using the excuse of September 11, it occupied Iraq.”