U.S. ‘losers’ risk Cyprus-style military action in Syria - Erdoğan adviser

The United States risks a Cyprus-style military intervention should it fail to take Turkey’s warnings about the Kurds in northern Syria seriously, said Ilnur Çevik, a senior adviser to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

History has shown that Turkey will take decisive military action when its interests are threatened, Çevik said in a column for the Daily Sabah newspaper.

The United States and Britain took Turkey’s warnings about Cyprus back in 1974 as a joke, thinking Turkey would not attempt such an operation, but they were proven wrong, he said.

“Today's Turkey is much stronger and more resourceful, while the Americans have proven to be losers all over the world,” Çevik asserted. “Turkey is simply telling the Americans, "We do not want to end our friendship but you have to stop helping our enemies and people who are on your list of terrorists. So when we launch an operation against the PKK in Afrin and elsewhere do not interfere, or our friendship will be terminated."

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