U.S. sabotaging Muslim rapprochement via Kurdish enclave – columnist

The United States and Israel are targeting Turkey and sabotaging a rapprochement in the Middle East through their support for a Kurdish enclave in Syria, according to a pro-government Turkish columnist.

“Even though it has the longest border with Turkey, even though its primary target is Turkey, the key role of this foreign garrison and intervention base is to sabotage rapprochement efforts between Muslim countries, to provoke separation and clashes, to prevent the establishment of a future regional partnership from now.,” Ibrahim Karagül, a columnist for the Yeni Şafak newspaper said on Thursday.

“Therefore, an extraordinary threat for Turkey, for Iran, for Syria and Iraq and a sort of “new Israel” is being constructed,” he said.

While Turkey must urgently eliminate the danger from Kurdish terrorism in the northern Syrian regions of Afrin and Manbij, a rapprochement between Turkey, Russia and Iran has led to hopes for the resolution of many problems in the region, Karagül said.

“No problem in which the U.S., Israel and any Western country intervenes can be solved, and there will never be the will or desire in those interventions to provide a solution,” he said. “All their interventions have been destructive, especially for our country and region.”