U.S. seeking to control northern Syria – columnist

The United States wants to control northern Syria and set up permanent bases there, encouraging Kurdish autonomy, Yahya Bostan wrote in the Turkish pro-government newspaper Daily Sabah.

The United States is supporting what Bostan called a terrorist organisation, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), through the Syrian Kurdish PYD, that controls the Syrian Democratic Forces, he said in a column on U.S.-Turkish relations.

Bostan cited an interview with Talal Silo, spokesman for the SDF who defected to Turkey last week, in which he said the SDF is nothing but a name and all salaries and other costs were borne by the PYD. The U.S. government did not even ask where weapons they supplied to the PYD went and what was done with them, he said.

Washington is also supporting the Fethullah Gülen movement, labelled a terrorist organisation by Turkey, which will cause lasting damage to relations long after the death of ageing Islamic preacher who lives in the United States, Bostan wrote.

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