Washington is the enemy, thousands will surround U.S. base – columnist

The United States is the enemy of Turkey and the greatest threat to the country’s security, pro-government columnist Ibrahim Karagül said.

“It is an enemy country,” he said in the Yeni Şafak newspaper. “It is a serious threat to our country’s existence, its unity, integrity, present and the future. It is carrying out an open attack, and an undeclared war against Turkey.”

Turkey has embarked on a new war of independence, similar to the battles Atatürk fought almost a century ago, in response to a “Turkey front” that the United States has established over the southern border in Syria, Karagül claimed. Washington is supplying thousands of truckloads of weapons to Kurdish terrorists to help achieve its aim, he said.

The threat has now been identified. The danger is now clear. A big front was established to stop Turkey, which is back on its feet after a century, to make it kneel, to make it shrink. Open attacks on Turkey, which they couldn’t take under tutelage, which they couldn’t discipline with terrorism, have started. They have now understood that they are not going to be able to stop Turkey, which they can’t control, whose rise they cannot stop, through wars.

Therefore, relations with the NATO alliance no longer have significance and friendship with the United States has lost its meaning. Rather Washington and its allies have become “the primary threat” to Turkey, Karagül said.

Turkey must shut the U.S. military base at Incirlik because Washington is controlling terrorist organisations from the facility and it is holding discussions and meetings with them there. Incirlik was also used as a centre of operations for the coup attempt of July 15, 2016, he said.

“If this is not done, cannot be done, there will come a time when thousands of people surround and siege the İncirlik base. When that time comes, nobody can stop this nation from intervening in foreign military units, because that anger cannot be stopped or controlled.”