White House instructed senator to block Armenian genocide recognition - Axios

Republican Senator Kevin Cramer on Thursday blocked a bipartisan effort by Senators Robert Menendez and Ted Cruz to formally recognise the killing of Armenians in the late Ottoman Empire as genocide at the request of the White House, Axios reported.

Cramer is the third Republican senator to block Menendez's efforts to pass a resolution that would have provided "official recognition and remembrance" of the Armenian genocide. The previous two attempts were blocked by Republican senators Lindsey Graham and David Perdue.

All three efforts were blocked at the request of President Donald Trump’s administration, Axios said.

The House of Representatives passed the bill recognising the killings as genocide with overwhelming support in October.

But Trump, who has made his warm relations with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan known, has taken efforts to prevent a Senate resolution that would enrage the Turkish strongman.

 "Senator Perdue objected due to concerns that passage of the resolution would jeopardise the sensitive negotiations going on in the region with Turkey and other allies,” the senator’s spokesman said.