Dec 07 2018

Turkish professor under investigation for calling vegans grain-brained

Turkish prosecutors launched an investigation into Canan Karatay, an internal medicine and cardiology expert, on charges of provoking animosity for calling vegans missionaries and grain-brained, Sabah daily reported on Friday.

Professor Karatay is known in Turkey for her protein-intensive diet programme. Karatay’s diet recommendations, which leave no room for carbohydrates, have also been criticised widely by other experts.

In a recent television programme, Karatay called being vegan a disease.

“Grains are animal feed. Human bodies are not programmed to take in grains. We will become sheep if we eat grains. We will become grain-brained if we eat grains. Vegan means grain-brained,” she said. 

The Turkish Vegan Association filed a complaint against Karatay, saying she had also said on the same programme that the vegan diet had been forbidden by religion. 

In another television programme, Karatay accused vegans of exploiting religion and acting like missionaries, the association said. The association said that Karatay made people who do not consume animal products a target and provoked animosity in the society.