374 women killed in last six years in Turkey's east and southeast - rights group

Turkey's Human Rights Association (IHD) Diyarbakır Branch said 374 women were killed in the last six years in the country's eastern and southeastern regions, while 53 of them killed the last, Turkish news site Duvar reported on Friday.

IHD Women's Commission Representative Derya Yıldırım said they released a report to raise attention to femicides on the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.  

"The culture of violence and rape influence every fragment of the society since patriarchy has been blessed daily. This situation, which brought many cases of violence, has sometimes resulted in deaths in its most gruesome form. There are thousands of women facing violence at workplaces, schools, on the streets, in the parks or at homes. Women are exposed to many forms of violence such as sexual, cultural, psychological, physical violence and mobbing. State policy in Turkey is way beyond to avoid it. From policymakers to those who implement these policies, there is the same outlook that marginalises women's identity," the report said.

According to the IHD report, the violence against women increased in the last six years. The lack of strict enforcement to avoid violence against women and the inefficient implementation of the existing laws regarding the issue are the reasons behind the rise, the report stressed.

"Last year, in the eastern and southeastern regions of Turkey, 53 women killed and 30 women were wounded as a result of male violence," the report said.

Within the last six years, 220 women were wounded and 50 women were sexually assaulted, according to the report. 

Turkish courts were not working effectively on the cases of the violence against women, while several cases remain unsolved for years, the report said. In Turkey, some of the suspects are taking time off on the basis of good behaviours, such as wearing a suit at the court, and these kinds of implementations courage men to commit such crimes against women according to the IHD report.