Two killed in shooting at official imams' meeting in Turkey

Two people have been killed and four injured in a shooting during an official monthly meeting for imams at the governorship office in Erzincan, a province in northeast Turkey, Hürriyet newspaper reported on Friday.

Rasim Kılıç, an imam, and Ersin Kağan, a preacher were both killed in the incident, and another four imams have been taken to the hospital for treatment, according to Hürriyet’s news.

The suspect in the shooting, an employee at the province’s Mufti’s office identified as Fatih A., reportedly opened fire on the room where the meeting was being held before escaping.

The suspect was suffering from psychological issues, said the Erzincan deputy governor in a statement on the attack. No other indication of motive has been given.

The police search for the suspect is still ongoing at the time of writing.