Video of Istanbul district police chief beating personnel causes outcry

After a video showing the police chief of Kartal district in Istanbul humiliating and beating local personnel caused a public outcry. the Mayor of Istanbul said he had been laid off.

According to a report in Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet, Tayfun Karali started shouting at an unnamed officer at the local city police station.

The video shared by Cumhuriyet shows Karali hitting the officer twice in the face in front of other personnel. The unnamed officer later seen fainting and falling on the ground.

The officer was later taken to the hospital and an administrative investigation was launched, the report said.

Mayor of Istanbul, Mevlüt Uysal, released a statement on Twitter, saying:

The video that showed violence to an officer is very sad and disgraceful. I shared the same feelings with those who reacted strongly to it. All of our personnel are dignified, regardless of their position.