Volkswagen eyeing Slovakia instead of Turkey for new factory

The German automotive giant Volkswagen may decide to build its new production unit for its Passat midsize model in Slovakia in the future instead of Turkey, Automotive News Europe reported on Monday.

Whether the company will push ahead with plans for 1.3 billion-euro ($1.4 billion) plant will be decided on this week following a meeting of the VW supervisory board, it said. 

Volkswagen earlier this month postponed the decision on opening a new car factory in Turkey against the background of the Turkish military offensive in Syria, which has been met with international condemnation.

Talks between the German car producer and Turkey for the establishment of a new production unit in Turkey had been at their final stages.

British newspaper the Daily Express earlier this month reported that plans for the company’s new production unit in Turkey had sparked fury in Brussels due to the country’s democracy and human rights record under President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.


VW is pressed for time, as the company want the plant operational by Oct. 2022, when the current Passat production factory in Emden, Germany, is set to switch to building full-electric cars, it said.