300 women killed in Turkey in 2020, femicide report says

A total of 300 women were killed in Turkey in 2020, women’s organization We Will Stop Femicide Platform said in its 2020 femicide report it released on Saturday.

The report, which highlighted key events pertaining to the women’s struggle in Turkey, said 171 women in the country found dead in suspected murders.

Last year, a Council of Europe human rights treaty against domestic and gender-based violence, the Istanbul Convention, was targeted by misogynists and opponents of equality, prompting the government to announce plans to withdraw from the convention.

The report said government’s plan was pushed back through women’s struggle, accusing Turkey’s Interior Ministry of concealing the number of femicides cases. The platform said it made the ministry announce the statistics in 2020, a provision of the İstanbul Convention.

The report found out 97 women were killed by men they were married to. Another 53 women were killed by their partners. A total of 181 women were killed in their homes and 48 in public.

The report blamed the government for ignoring the country’s domestic law. It said Law No 6284 to Protect Family and Prevent Violence Against Women adopted by the government in 2012 can protect women if it is properly implemented.

The platform urged the government to probe into the suspicious cases of femicide.