Belgian court trying 18 Turks over wedding procession

A court in northern Belgium is trying 18 people of Turkish-origin over a wedding convoy of cars that caused disruption on the motorway, news site GriHat said.

The 18 face the seizure of the six vehicles they used to close the motorway to traffic, possible fines of 2,000 euros each and five-year driving bans.

They are accused of stopping traffic by driving extremely slowly, including on the hard shoulder, stopping in the road to dance, hanging out of their car windows and made “doughnut” circles on the road with their cars.

The prosecutor in the case, Peter D’Hondt, said there was what he called a “dictatorial side” to the actions of the defendants, who, he said, had used one of Europe’s busiest motorways as though it were private property.

He also made reference to the defendants’ ethnic background.

“There are already enough racists, you need to push back against them,” D’Hondt said. “If you want to have a party, you can even put your heads in buckets, but stop using the roads for this purpose.”

The second hearing in the trial will be held on June 29.