Western media reports on Turkey’s Syria incursion ‘Orientalist lunacy’ - opinion

Western media used classic anti-Turkish language fueled by dated Orientalist ideas when reporting on Ankara’s military incursion into Syria launched last month, said India-based journalist Shakir Husain in a commentary he penned for Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah on Thursday. 

Husain said he never trusted British media reports on Turkey and that journalists regularly invented quotes. “Their coverage of Turkey is viscerally driven by an Orientalist lunacy from the past,” he said. 

But Britain is not alone in using the media to vilify and slander opponents, according to Husain. 

“When the Turkish military and the allied Syrian National Army (SNA) launched the operation, it seemed Western opinion makers and news writers were just waiting to explode into an anti-Turkish frenzy,” the journalist said. 

“U.S. news organisations have been brazen in their anti-Turkish propaganda,” Husain said, accusing ABC News of spreading fake news about Turkish offensive by showing a video from an old U.S. military show to depict what it claimed was the Turkish bombing of a town in Syria. 

“Probably they will use Hollywood movie scenes next time to discredit Turkey,” he said.