Turks seek name for approaching hurricane

As Turkey awaits to be hit by a hurricane for the first time in its history, Turkish people on social media have been discussing the most suitable name for it, Sözcü newspaper reported on Thursday.

Hurricane Zorbas, also called "Whip Hurricane" (#KirbacKasirgasi ) in Turkey, has been active in Greece recently and expected to affect south-western Turkish cities like Muğla, Aydın, İzmir, Çanakkale and Balıkesir of Aegean cost on Sept. 30.

Turks have been seeking for a more proper name for the hurricane, since Turkish Kanal D TV station posed the question “what should we call our hurricane” to people on the street.

Many on social media followed Kanal D and started polls on Twitter to understand the popularity of alternative names, mostly associated to recent political and economic issues in Turkey.

Some suggested that the hurricane should be named after the failed coup attempt in 2016 and called ’15 July’.

‘Konkordato [Concordatum]’, pointing to the latest wave of bankruptcies in Turkey also appears as a popular name.

Some others said ‘foreign powers’ could be a suitable name for Turkey’s hurricane.

“Turkey will be hit by a hurricane for the first time, the reporter asks people what should be the hurricane’s name. Nobody is surprised or fears the hurricane. One of them says ‘let’s call it Satı, my mother’s name’, another one says “call it Pakize, my wife’s name. I can not live in another country,” one Twitter user said. 

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