Mar 22 2019

Turkish authorities investigate 23 fruit and vegetable wholesalers

Turkish authorities on Thursday launched an investigation into 24 wholesale markets for fresh fruits and vegetables in Istanbul, Ankara and the southern city of Antalya on suspicion of actions violating competition regulations.

The Competition Authority announced that it would examine the actions of the 24 companies, including several that trade in the biggest wholesale market hall in Istanbul.

Earlier this month, Turkish police raided five vegetables and fruits wholesalers in Ankara and examined their records citing a complaint made to the Competition Authority.

Turkish food price inflation surged by 31 percent annually in January, preventing a slowdown in overall consumer price inflation, which edged up to 20.4 percent last month from 20.3 percent in December.

The Turkish authorities accused what they called “food terrorists” of raising prices, and responded to the rocketing food price inflation by opening municipal stalls and offering online sales of vegetables and fruits, charging lower prices but putting limits on sales to each individual buyer.

The Turkish government is concerned that the economic difficulties might affect Turkish people’s preferences over political parties as the country heads to local elections on March 31.

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