Wikipedia change content but Turkish ban continues

Wikipedia said it had changed content Turkey had objected to after the government banned the site in Turkey 10 months ago, but the ban has yet to be lifted, pro-government newspaper Habertürk said.

“The Turkish authorities may not have examined the latest versions of these articles,” Katherine Maher, the Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, told Habertürk.

“We are unsure why the ban on access is continuing.”

The court order concerning the site reached the foundation on a Friday afternoon, and the site was banned on the Saturday, before the foundation could even respond, Maher said.

“In the statement it asked for two articles published on English-language Wikipedia to be removed, but did not give any reason for why,” she said.

“Normally in these situations we inform our editor community. Only the editor community, which is made up of those who have been writing on our site for a long time, who are experienced and who have proven their trustworthiness in their articles may change that content.”

Wikipedia looks at whether the sources behind an article are sound rather than whether people or governments like the content, Maher said.

“We will not remove information on the site just because someone does not like it or it has a negative opinion on an issue, because we are against censorship,” she said.