Turkey’s wind energy sector grew 7.24 percent in 2018

Turkey invested $650 million in the wind energy sector in 2018, according to a biannual report prepared by the Turkish Wind Energy Association (TUREB), environmental news site İklim Haber reported

Turkey's total installed wind capacity reached 7,369 MW in 2018 and the sector grew by 7.24 percent by adding 497,25 MW.

The number of wind energy projects increased to 180 from 164 in 2018, while most of the wind energy power plants are located in the Aegean and Marmara regions of the country, in western Turkey. The number of projects in the Black Sea region and the southeastern provinces are low, while there are no wind energy power plants in eastern Turkey, the report said on Tuesday. 

Mustafa Serdar Ataseven, the head of TUREB, said the increase in installed wind capacity had been achieved despite economic fluctuations in in recent years. “The fact that we realised a $650 million investment in the wind energy sector in 2018 showed once more what we can achieve despite difficult conditions,” he said.