30,000 Turkish women couldn't vote in local election due to safety concerns

Some 30,000 women, who live in women’s shelters, couldn't vote in local elections in Turkey because they were concerned that their address would be revealed, news website Gazete Duvar reported on Sunday.

Women were registered in their old addresses thus it was very risky for them to go there and vote.

"It's possible that something serious would happen if she would be followed by someone they know, their husbands or relatives and family members," head of Istanbul Bar Association's centre for women's rights, Şükran Eroğlu said.

"Right to vote or to hold office is a constitutional right. Thus, it's saddening that women cannot exercise their right due to security concerns," she added.

For years, women’s rights organisations in Turkey have sought to raise awareness about the increase in violence against women over the last decade. According to local reports, from 2003 to 2010, Turkey witnessed a 1,400 percent increase in violence against women.