Just 28 percent of Turkish women in work – report

Just 28 percent of Turkish women of age 15 or over have a job, Hurriyet newspaper reported citing a study entitled “Women in Statistics 2017” by the state-run statistics institute.

The figure compares with 65 percent of men, producing an average for the country of persons gainfully employed of 46 percent, Hurriyet reported on Tuesday.

The propensity of women to work rises as education levels increase. Only 15 percent of women who can neither read nor write have a job, while 71 percent of females who graduated from higher education are in work, according to the study. About a third of female high school graduates are employed, it said.

Women’s employment surpasses men’s in the farming and the services industry, where 55 percent of women with a job work. Meanwhile, 16 percent of employed women work in manufacturing compared with 27 percent of men. Nineteen percent of all Turkish women with a job work part-time versus 6.5 percent of men, the study showed.