Only Islamic societies give women rights - Turkish local politician

Argument broke out in the local assembly of the central Turkish province of Çorum after an opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) representative bringing up issues of gender based violence, news website T24 said.

House speaker Halil İbrahim Kaya of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) contended that Burçin Sönmez Polat’s remarks were a needless attack on her own country.

“For 1,400 years, women’s rights have not found a place in any society outside the Islamic world,” he said.

In particular, he said, Turks “have known the value of women since Ottoman times” and would not stand by to watch a woman being assaulted.

“Can a person be this much of an enemy to their own country?” Kaya asked.

Polat responded that the problem should not be taken lightly.

“These things are happening in front of our own eyes,” she said. “Women are being killed. Women are being abused.”

“You say that women are being killed,” Kaya said as the discussion proceeded. “But are men not being killed?”