87 percent of Turkish women want active role in economy- UN agency director  

Some 87 percent of women in Turkey want paid employment, exceeding the world average by 17 percent, United Nations International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Turkey director Numan Özcan told pro-government Hürriyet Daily News.

“Women in Turkey want to take an active role in the economy, more than other women in the world,” Özcan said on Oct. 22, speaking at a meeting organized to introduce the “Gender Mainstreaming Program for SMEs” launched by the ILO.

This figure is in contrast with only 28 percent of Turkish women aged 15 or over who are employed, according to the state-run statistics institute, compared to 65 percent of men.

Women’s employment surpasses men’s only in the farming and the services industry, where 55 percent of women with a job work. Nineteen percent of all Turkish women with a job work part-time versus 6.5 percent of men.

While stressing the gap between women and men in Turkey in terms of participation in the labor force is higher than the world average at a meeting organized to introduce the “Gender Mainstreaming Program for SMEs” launched by the ILO, Özcan noted, ‘’some 70 percent of women in the world want to work in paid employment, whereas 87 percent of women in Turkey want to work in paid employment.”

The ILO director stressed that more works need to be undertaken targeting men to raise awareness regarding the importance of female labor participation.

The progress of a country in a humanitarian way, he said, ‘’is possible only when the women are equally represented in every area of life, including the working life, and when they are visible and powerful.”


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