Turkey issues travel warning for France due to protests

Turkey's Foreign Ministry on Sunday issued a travel warning for citizens travelling to France, citing the violent protests in Paris and other cities.

In the warning published on its website, the ministry advised Turkish citizens who live in France or will travel to the country to avoid areas of demonstrations and stay away from dangerous places.

"Due to street actions that have been going on since Nov. 17 and the dose of violence that has been increasing, it is strongly recommended that our citizens living in France and travelling to the country to stay away from the demonstration areas of the cities, particularly Paris, and the other regions that would endanger their safety," the ministry said. 

The "Gilet Jaunes," or "Yellow Vests," movement, named after the sleeveless jackets worn by French truck drivers, began the protests as a backlash against French President Emmanuel Macron’s fuel tax hikes. The rebellion erupted on Nov. 17 and has spread quickly via social media, with protesters blocking roads across France and impeding access to shopping malls, factories and fuel depots.

The protests have tapped into a vein of deep dissatisfaction towards the 40-year-old president's economic reforms, which many voters feel favour the wealthy and big business, according to Reuters. The planned peaceful demonstration evolved into an act of unprecedented violence in Paris, causing many casualties.

In France, fuel prices have increased more than 20 percent in the last year. According to a recent survey, 84 percent of French people support the "Yellow Vests."