Islamists conducting catalogue marriages of convenience – columnist

Turkish Islamist columnist Abdurrahman Dilipak condemned people he said were being “tricked by Satan” into anti-Islamic practices, including the example of Muslims carrying out marriages of convenience by catalogue.

“For example, there are those who abuse four marriages using a turn-style system. When they get married they don’t specify the time but that it the plan in their head. In their head, they think they will say ‘I divorce you’ and divorce them, then take the next in line and enjoy themselves with them a little,” Dilipak wrote in Yeni Akit newspaper.

“There have even been agencies formed that work in this way using catalogues. This woman leaves him and marries him. They’re religious, you know. At most four (wives) at once. One goes, another comes.”

Another trick was to justify sexual hedonism and alcohol use by using metaphorical depictions of heaven as a place of wine and women, Dilipak said.

This type of perversion of the values of an Islamic society was being supported wholeheartedly by the West, he said.

“If you pay attention, in almost every TV series there is a gay with piercings and tattoos, who turns out to be a sociable, big-hearted, clever and honest character who has been hard done by,” Dilipak said.

“Those who rained bombs on our heads on July 15 (2016, during a failed coup attempt) are directing their new weapons at our hearts and our brains. There are no bloodstains. They do not tear the scalps and our rib cages to pieces, but our identity is dying.”