Jun 13 2018

UN sponsoring “perversion” – Islamist newspaper

A Turkish Islamist newspaper has criticised the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for sponsoring a human rights initiative for LGBTI refugees in Turkey.

Yeni Akit newspaper said that the UNHCR was “funding the spread of homosexuality” through the project, which is being carried out jointly with local LGBTI group KAOS GL.

“It has been learnt that in May alone, 266 presentations for inspiring homosexual perversion were carried out in various provinces throughout Turkey under the name of advising refugees,” the newspaper said.

“The immoral project includes attempts to impose perversion on refugees under topics such as legal rights, the UNHCR process, health, the trans transition process, the hormone usage process, coming out, gay marriage, military service, accessing material support, and education.”

KAOS GL has long worked with LGBTI refugees in Turkey to cope with the difficulties they face due to their sexuality.

One group of refugees in Turkey who are particularly vulnerable are Iranian LGBTI refugees who could face the death penalty if sent back to Iran.