Apr 23 2018

‘All Greek flags’ taken down from disputed islets - Erdoğan adviser

An adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on a recent television interview that Turkish military forces, in addition infiltrating 55 kilometers into Greek territory, ‘’took down flags from a cluster of small islets in the southeastern Aegean,’’ Greek newspaper Kathimerini said.

Yiğit Bulut told TRT of a video showing Turkish military taking down Greek flags from all of the islets in the area that continues to be a source of dispute between Athens and Ankara, the daily noted.

Bulut also said that a war with Greece would be “embarrassing for technical reasons.”

“It would be like an adult hitting a baby in a crib,” Bulut is quoted as saying.

Turkey earlier this month removed a Greek flag planted on a rocky islet in the Aegean Sea, further heightening tensions between the neighbouring countries have risen in recent months over territorial disputes in the Aegean, Greece’s refusal to hand back eight Turkish military personnel who fled there after the failed 2016 coup and Turkey’s detention of two Greek soldiers who strayed over the border.