Turkish presidential advisor calls for general tax, legal amnesty

Turkish presidential advisor Yiğit Bulut has used his column in pro-government Star newspaper to call for a general legal, credit, and tax amnesty following the June 24 elections.

“As we switch to a presidential system, let us bring the ‘A NEW TURKEY – CITIZENS AS CLEAN AS NEWBORNS’ concept to life and erase their records,” Bulut said.

“Let every citizen have a ‘newly begun’ record, apart from a few crimes. Let us include credit records in this cleaning.”

The amnesty should also include the erasure of all tax debts owed to the government, he said.

Bulut, one of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s top economic advisors, is best known for his suggestion that Erdoğan’s foreign enemies were trying to kill him using telekinesis.

“My proposal is very clear: as we enter a new decade, let us begin a dynamic of Pax Presidenta or Pax President, and let us fill it with peace,” Bulut said, suggesting that the basis of the Turkish economy should shift to a “belief and knowledge synthesis”.

After everyone had liquidated the local power structures of foreign powers, Turkish society could stop fighting and all attack as one, he added.