Syria comes to agreement with YPG – al-Masdar

Arab-world news site Al-Masdar has reported that the Syrian army had come to an agreement with the Kurdish-led People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria.

The YPG will allow the Syrian army to begin military recruitment in its territory, a military source told the site, while they are asking in return that their soldiers get paid for the time their soldiers fought as service to the Syrian army, that the Kurdish language become a part of the Syrian education system and that a Kurdish official gain a permanent seat in the oil ministry.

In the end, al-Masdar said, this agreement could lead to the YPG and Syrian government forces linking up across the country and border crossings controlled by the YPG being handed over to President Bashar Assad’s government.

The YPG are presently working with the United States to defeat forces belonging to the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria. However, Turkey has promised to wipe the group out of northern Syria and is working with the United States to hasten their exit from the region in order for that to become possible.

It may be that this very public threat to invade the YPG-controlled region of Manbij has pushed the YPG into Assad's arms.