Turkey moves to add YPG to UN terror list

Turkey is preparing the legal case for the inclusion of two Syrian Kurdish militant groups to be added to the United Nations list of terrorist organisations, Türkiye newspaper said.

In December, Syrian opposition groups applied to the UN for the two groups to be added, and Turkey will support the case with legal help, the newspaper said.

Turkish Foreign Ministry sources indicated that the inclusion of the group would help to legitimise Turkey’s military operation in Afrin, which some foreign diplomats were saying was illegitimate due to the YPG not featuring on any international terror list, Türkiye said.

At the same time, Turkey is preparing to take the United States to the International Criminal Court for its support of the groups through the provision of weapons, the newspaper said.

It was decided at a recent meeting chaired by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan that the American proposal for a 30 kilometre “secure zone” on the Turkish border was a “trap”, it said, and that it was being proposed “not for Turkey’s security, but for the security of the PYD/YPG”.