Turkey sentences YPG militant captured in Syria to life in prison

A Turkish court has sentenced a member of the Syrian-Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) to life in prison, two years after she was captured in Syria, pro-Kurdish Fırat news agency reported on Tuesday.

Çiçek Kobane, also known as Dozgin Temo, was captured and arrested during a cross-border military operation by the Turkish military in northern Syria’s Mishrefa village in 2019 before being brought to Turkey to stand trial.

Turkey has launched three military offensives into neighbouring Syria since 2016 targeting Kurdish forces in the north, which Ankara sees as a threat due to their alleged links to an insurgency on its own soil. Turkey designates the YPG a terrorist organization.

The court handed down a life sentence to Kobane on charges of “plotting against the unity and integrity of the state” and another 10 years on murder charges, the agency said.

Kobane’s capture, arrest and subsequent trial and sentence in Turkey are in violation of international law, Fırat news agency cited her lawyer Hidayet Enmek as saying.